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A Tumour diagnosis that turned out to be the best thing happened in my life

5 years ago, a shocking new came to me and my family. Doctor told me: “Joyce, there is a 2.2 cm tumour at your right thyroid, you need to go through the surgery to remove it.” Being a food scientist and nutrition coach, I know what were the missing pieces in my life. I responded to the doctor: “I’ll come back to you soon.” And I never go back. Because deep inside me know there are alternative ways to better take care my well-being, a holistic natural approach. I take back the control of my wellness since that day and so grateful after 2 years, the tumour disappeared. Yes, confirmed by the doctor.  I know that I can’t enjoy my life if I am on my sick bed. With my knowledge from my master degree in Food Science and Nutrition plus Master Practitioner in NLP, I helped myself to regain my health. I feel great right now. With the small changes in our daily lifestyle, we can see significant changes that bring us vitality, aliveness and happiness. You deserve to feel great too!

With love, 

Joyce Wong Jin Yi 

You can't enjoy your life while you're on your sick bed


Falling sick on your bed, feeling awful or Feeling Great to Start Your Day?

Someone is counting on you to love and care for him/her.

In this Wellness Masterclass with a 15-20 minutes video for each lesson, you'll explore and apply: 

Module 1: The Magic of Your Belief

* Understanding Your Belief is the master commanders of your behaviour

* Your results can definitely help you achieve your goal faster and easier. 

In this module, you'll discover: 

Lesson 1: The hidden script that directs and controls our lives

Lesson 2: Where do your beliefs come from

Lesson 3: How to eradicate your limiting beliefs


Module 2: Food, Supplements and Daily Self-care Products

* You can eat and live healthily with the budget you have

* What to avoid in your food, daily self-care products to free yourself from toxic chemicals

* When to consume the supplements to increase the absorption

* How to read the label and make the right choice

In this module, you'll discover: 

Lesson 1: Start from your daily self care

Lesson 2: What you feed your body matters

Lesson 3: How to supplement your body need 

Lesson 4: The hidden dangers of daily self-care products

Lesson 5: The hidden dangers of daily household products

Module 3: Move Your Body, Change Your Mind

* No special equipment needed

* No need to spend hours to do the exercise

* Simple and effective to incorporate in your busy schedule

In this module, you'll discover:

Lesson 1: The simple stretching, movement that protects your knees and the right body posture to boost your confidence levels

Module 4: Stress Management 

* How chronic stress can kill you slowly

* How efficient is your sleep and how you start and end your day matters

* Simple and effective ways to relieve your stress everyday

* Stop be the person of transferring the stress to your loved one

In this module, you'll discover: 

Lesson 1: The Power of Sleep

Lesson 2: Jump Start your day with these success habits

Lesson 3: Four effective ways to incorporate in your busy schedule 

Lesson 4: Do this to relax when you're stressed

Lesson 5: Stop transferring your stress 

Module 5: Relationship- Deepen Your Connection with Others

* Your quality of life is closely linked to your relationship with your family, spouse, significant others, friends and coworkers. 

* Use this loving and effective way to level up your relationship with them, no money required ;)

In this module, you'll discover: 

Lesson 1: Deepen your connection (Part 1)

Lesson 2: Deepen your connection (Part 2)

Lesson 3: Level up your intimate relationships

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What others said about this masterclass

Samantha Tang 

Chapter Lead of Google Business Group (GBG) & Women Will (A Grow with Google Program)

“I can't say enough about the Joyce’s Wellness Masterclass! The modules are great and the notes are very motivating. I've tried many different wellness program and Joyce’s would be the one that I highly recommended! She is very sincere in delivering her modules and advice, different from other courses that I have taken before.”

Gideon Ng

Process Design Engineer

“Joyce has delivered a very masterful Wellness Masterclass, that has helped me improve on my Mindset (belief system), Healthset (food, supplements, self care products, exercise), Heartset (stress management, gratitude practice) and Soulset (relationship improvement).  A lot of the actions or tips are very useful and easy to practice everyday, I would recommend this Masterclass to anyone that want to invest on your Health!”

Drona Dewi 

Biotechnologist, Mental Health First aider, Wellness Trainer

Joyce’s Wellness Masterclass has given me insightful information, especially on fixing relationships. As a wellness trainer myself, I had so much to learn from a nutritionist like her, and my best module was on FOOD!

Other than that, the hidden toxic ingredients in my self-care products have been identified, and I am slowly eliminating them one by one. With the current global pandemic, valuable knowledge like this is GOLD. She made it so easy for me to understand.

Your Deserve to Feel Great

While you plan to give yourself a gift this year.

Let this masterclass be the one.

Everyday is a good day to grow!

Still have questions regarding this masterclass, welcome to send me an email at [email protected]