Who Am I? 

It all starts in the year 2012…

I was still a fresh graduate of Food Biochemistry who face to face with instruments every single day. Laboratory was my second home for five years. During this time, I have struggled a lot mentally and technically to finish my research. I shrove super hard to complete the master's degree. This journey has taught me a lot about life, not just as a student but life as a human.

As promised to myself, my parents and my supervisors, finally, I graduated. I love the challenge of doing research, but I deeply, spiritually, consciously, and unconsciously knew I am not the kind of person that can face to face with instruments every single day. Once I graduated, I declared to the world that if want me to go back to do research, over my dead body.

With full enthusiasm, I ventured myself in pharmaceutical sales. Yes, I met up with medical professionals to sell drugs and supplements! I love the nature of this career as I love to interact and communicate with others at the same traveling around the places. I treat my vocation like my vacation. I can be in 3 different states on the same day! I enjoyed so much spending time selling my products and building my networking.

After one year of working and save enough money, I invested in studying NLP, which turn out to be the course that changes my life! I start to know about myself, crystal clear on what I want, and how to clear the limiting belief that holds me back!

Within one and a half years, I got my promotion to lead a team to achieve the yearly target! Working with my teams was the happiest time during that time because I see each of them growing and improving every day together with me.

Personal development is an ongoing process for me. I continue to invest my time and finance in learning the skills for my personal growth and prepare for my future while at the same time, having a secured career. More than half of my income goes to studying and learning new things. I know if I want to propel forward, I must equip myself with as much knowledge and skills.

During my regular visit to the doctor’s clinic, I met with a lot of patients, ranging from young to elderly. Some of them are sick not just physically, but also mentally. They suffered a lot in struggling to stay healthy and happy. Some of them even told me their life is a mess now…

While I was traveling, I met people in airport, station, and get to know a lot of people do not exactly know what they really want in their life and always feeling unhappy and unfulfilled..and directionless. I have a heartfelt feeling towards them, and I believe I can do something to help them too. They may need some guidance to find their path, some ideas where to know more, a word of encouragement to start their dreams, a voice that believes in them. This inspired me to begin to think about how to inspire others to find what they want in their life and live a happy and fulfilled life!

In 2016 July, I was diagnosed with a tumor right at my thyroid. The first question that comes right to myself was not “Why am I getting this?” not “What should I do with this tumor,” not “Why me?”.

The first question that comes to me is, “Before I die, don’t care is 3 months from now, 1 year from now, or 3 years from now, what is the one thing I want to do but not yet start?” I know the answer so vividly, my whole body knows the answer and tells me, “Yes, you MUST start this!”

This leads to a serious thought of quitting my full-time job as a sales manager to start my journey as a trainer. YES, I made this move in February 2017 and totally quit my job in April 2017 and fully venture myself as a trainer.

Why  I do what I do?

I am here to serve. That is the reason why I start doing what I do. I know this is my calling to help you to find your life path and live your life on your own terms! I know you deserved a happy, fulfilled life that you want so much, and I know that you can make it happen. You need guidance, a new perspective, and someone to hold you accountable to achieve your goals. Here I am for you. I am dedicated to helping you to live your life on your own terms.

Watch my video about my journey, why I do what I do, and my belief by clicking the image below! 

What do I do?


Yes! I train people in a group. I give seminar and talk on shift your mindset transform your life, change the impossible to I’m possible plus tools and strategies on how to stay focus, motivated and energetic in what you’re doing. I provide tools and techniques on how to de-stress and be a productivity expert. I love to interact with you during the seminar or even after the workshop to guide you through challenges further.


And I also give a 1-1 coaching session as well. This is a personalized session with you. The coaching session involves the challenges from your daily life, ranging from finding what you really want in your life, career path, communication with difficult people, relationship with others, stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

Online Training 

If you love my content, you’re always welcome to my Facebook and Instagram public figure page @joycewongjinyi. Over there, I share a lot of content, info, and insight on how to improve your life. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this far, email me at [email protected] if you have questions or suggestions or inquiry for me. I promise I will reply as soon as possible and try my super best to answer your questions. I’m excited about our journey together on this planet earth!

With love,