Looking forward to have a high performance team that is energetic, inspired and innovative to grow your organization?

I am here to help.


For your next event, you need an engaging, dedicated speaker to inspire and bring transformation for your team. Because you want…
  • An energetic, inspired, innovative team that always look for challenging task and exceed their performance.
  • A strong team that able to help you grow your company.
  • Immediate impact, compel positive change in your people.

Because you know your team is the most precious asset in your company. Your company revenue is directly tight to the quality of your team. An inspired, action and motivated team definitely can bring you the best to grow your company.


Ever wonder how to shift the negative mindset of your employee to the positive mindset, changing the mission impossible to mission possible? Having a hard time motivating your team?

I got your covered. I can help you to breakthrough this limitation! While you focus on the investment of technical skills to your team, remember to give them the right motivation to inspire your team to move forward!Because the right motivation to your team is the key to bring your company to the next level!


Change the Impossible to Iā€™m Possible

Project or task that seem so impossible and far because no one has done it before. The mission that is seem so impossible only become mission possible when there is people step up to take charge on that. Produce a creative and courageous team that able to take the first step to take charge on the challenge is the objective of this talk! With this team, your company definitely become the fastest growing company very soon!

Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

A little shift of the mindset can have a big impact to our life whether is in the career, family, relationship or health. This talk is designed to shift the negative mindset to the positive. Inspired your team to go to work every day with full of energy, get outside their comfort zone, happy to accept challenging task and always growing together with your company.

Quality of Your Emotion, Quality of Your Life

It is unavoidable to have stress in our daily life. Even if the stress is not originate from the work place, don’t know how to manage the stress from the other area of our life definitely have great influence on our performance in the work place. Because the quality of your team is direct proportional to the quality of the emotion of your team. This workshop is designed to have the hands on practical session with your team in managing their stress and anxiety.

What you can expect from me?

You can be assured that I will be fully devote to make the talk a successful event.

My promise

  • Detailed interview with you about your challenges with your team specifically. This is to further understand in detail your specific challenge in order to customize the content to your situation.
  • Customized proposal after the discussion which include the outline and module of the talk.
  • Professional, fun, enthusiastic and attentive engagement with your team and participants on and off stage.  
  • Post event, feedback session and suggestion on how to bring the team to the next level.

And much much more…


I believe I am the speaker that your team need. Contact me by clicking the button below, and let us have a discussion. Let me bring the transformation with the actionable step, immediate impact and change to your team!


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