Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 41: Untangling the Knots: Why Coaching Matters More than Ever NOW

Jul 02, 2022

Check out this episode, the author of the book "Coaching the Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership" Ruchira Chaudhary shared practical insights about: 

1) Why the superchicken model doesn't work and the secret sauce of a great leader

2) What makes CLARITY so important in coaching 

3) How to give constructive FEEDBACK

4) How to balance the TOUGH and LOVE during coaching 

5) Why Coaching matters more than ever NOW

6) Why self-care is so important for leader

7) Her JOY being a leader coach

About Ruchira Chaudhary

An alumna of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Ruchira straddles the corporate and academic worlds – she is a leading executive coach, adjunct faculty at several top-tier business schools and runs a boutique consulting firm focused on organizational strategy solutions.

Ruchira has a diverse and eclectic functional background in mergers and acquisitions, organization design, culture and leadership, coupled with two decades of experience in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. During her corporate career, Ruchira held leadership roles in Medtronic and AIG in Singapore, Qatar Telecom (now Oredoo) in Qatar and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in India. 

Ruchira teaches and frequently coaches MBA students and senior executives as affiliate faculty at several top business schools. 

Her book Coaching: The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership (PRH) has been critically acclaimed by so many luminaries - corporate leaders, sports captains and academics. 

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook (Meta)  sums it up beautifully - "Coaching can be hard work, but thanks to Ruchira we have a great playbook! The book is filled with meaningful lessons - I hope you read it ". She divides her time between India and Singapore


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