Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 43: Marriage: Crazy & Complicated? Fun & Fulfilling? (Part 2)

Aug 27, 2022

Watch this episode to discover what you can do to thrive in your relationship. My invited guest, Kim Khoo will share with you the pillars that support marriage, how to be a “better half”, and gender differences. You can grab great insights through her sharing.

About Kim Khoo

Kim is a Senior Legal Consultant for family and legacy planning.  

With her passion as a Life Transformation Strategist and in line with her profession and company Heritance Wills International’s vision to ensure leaving a great legacy for the individual, family and business, Kim engages women to empower them as an individual, wife, mother, daughter, business or professional person.

Calling on her own 28 years of marital mistakes, she delights in sharing life stories along with practical tools to help the marriage thrive so that the family’s legacy is one of harmony, peace and happiness, effectively nurturing future generations.

She has 2 beloved sons aged 24 and 16.

Connect with her here: