Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 44: Lost and Found: How to Come out from the Other End of Grief


Watch this episode of an inspiring coffee talk with my guest, Ellen Monsees. She is the author of the book “ Lost and Found - Finding A Joyful Life After Lost”. She will share great tips through her own experience and learn how you can come out from the other end of grief.

About Ellen Landsburg Monsees  

Ellen Landsburg Monsees is a heart-centred but practical author, speaker, and coach who delights in her role as a guide and companion to her clients on their journey to a more centred, healthy, and desired version of themselves. She knows first-hand that grief need not be forever, recovery is possible, and life can be joyful again even after tragedy.

A woman of eclectic interests, Ellen has worked at a major charitable foundation and several institutions of higher learning in positions spanning information technology, library management, communications, and donor relations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psycholinguistics from Swarthmore College, a...

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Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 28: How to Keep Your Flow Even You're Indoors


Join this episode of inspiring coffee talk guest, Bhavna Khemlani to discover how to create a system for a new change and keep the flow with gratitude heart during this challenging time. She shared how you can practice, and apply intentions/affirmations/healthy approaches in your daily life even when you're indoors.

About Bhanva Khemlani

Bhavna Khemlani responds to the flow of creative bridges, takes a plunge into the Heart-Growth Mindset of writing down the extraordinary and brings it a voice. She believes she has this beautiful life of liberation and lives it with passion, empowerment, meaning, soul-nourishing, joy, abundance, travel across oceans, and Gratitude.

Bhavna Khemlani’s empowering journey entails being a University Lecturer (Educator), Poet, Author, Corporate Trainer, Academic & Creative Writing Coach, Researcher, Reiki Master Teacher, Existential Well-being Counseling & Mindfulness Practitioner. Co-Leader of Bangkok Women Writers Group – BWWG....

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Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 24: Nature & Mental Health: How You Can Take Charge?


Join me and Drona Dewi, my invited guest for this episode of inspiring coffee talk to discover how to take charge of your mental health in this challenging time. She will share with you simple practical tips that you can directly put into practice. Watch the replay now.

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About Drona Dewi

She is known as a triple threat. A biotechnologist by profession who founded Drona Wellness, a certified mental health first aider and a well fashion image consultant focusing on sustainable fashion. 

As a mental health first aider, she understands factors that can affect wellbeing, spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues, and, provide support to persons in distress. She is part of the Special Projects Committee in NAWEM (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia) where she supports the NGO with training and talks on wellness and mental health. 

She is a mother of 2 children creating awareness on sustainability in her...

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Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 20: A Story of A Courageous Women


Join me and Nilushika Silva, my invited guest for this episode of inspiring coffee talk to get inspire by her journey in building her premium tea empire and her mission in empowering more women to step up for themselves. With her determination and big heart, you’ll fall in love with her sharing.

About Nilushika Silva

Nilu is the founder and sole owner of NiluTea, a premium tea brand with a powerful story. Keen to support her family, she moved to Singapore 21 years ago. After taking multiple self-development courses, she set up her own e-commerce business selling tea from Sri Lanka. She has gone on to set up her own non-profit organization “Emerging Hope Lanka” that aims to educate and empower rural women. She frequently shares her journey and experience with women in factories in Sri Lanka, and around the world and has spoken at events by TEDx, BTS, and UNWomen, Singapore.

Check out her website at:


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