Inspiring Coffee Talk EP 44: Lost and Found: How to Come out from the Other End of Grief

Sep 29, 2022

Watch this episode of an inspiring coffee talk with my guest, Ellen Monsees. She is the author of the book “ Lost and Found - Finding A Joyful Life After Lost”. She will share great tips through her own experience and learn how you can come out from the other end of grief.

About Ellen Landsburg Monsees  

Ellen Landsburg Monsees is a heart-centred but practical author, speaker, and coach who delights in her role as a guide and companion to her clients on their journey to a more centred, healthy, and desired version of themselves. She knows first-hand that grief need not be forever, recovery is possible, and life can be joyful again even after tragedy.

A woman of eclectic interests, Ellen has worked at a major charitable foundation and several institutions of higher learning in positions spanning information technology, library management, communications, and donor relations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psycholinguistics from Swarthmore College, a Master of Science degree in Information Studies from Drexel University, and Certification as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist® from the Grief Recovery Institute®.

She is the Founder and Master Guide of The PPF Method®, a system for decision-making, self-awareness, and self-forgiveness. Her book, Lost and Found: Finding a Joyful Life After Loss, was published by Capucia Publishing in 2018; she is currently writing the forthcoming Choice by Choice: Living a Life with Intention and Joy and has plans for two other titles, The Soulful Atheist about her own spiritual journey and On the Wings of the Dragonfly, a collection of inspirational thoughts.

Ellen works one-on-one with people navigating grief; she is a professional author coach; runs workshops on her PPF Method, and holds transformational writing circles. Each of her offerings is designed to help her clients find their own internal wisdom and enable their light to shine brighter.

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